Neal's turning 35 on 5/29

Won’t you help me CELEBRATE?

That’s right, it is time for me to turn the big  THREE – FIVE!
That’s so hard to believe, and normally I don’t really do much in terms of a celebration – but this time is gonna be different in more ways than one.  So I would like to invite YOU to be a part of this UNIQUE CHALLENGE.

Instead of people coming to an event or a party – or getting me presents or even leaving well wishes – HERE IS WHAT I WANT THEM TO DO INSTEAD!

To check out 3 Awesome Organizations that I have some connection to – and then not only become MORE AWARE but also to jump in and make a DONATION!

In honor of me turning 35 – how about giving $35 to 1 of these great causes!
If nothing else – at least $3.50 to keep the 35 theme going.

Check out this little chart I came up with – it’s representative of my approx. 1275 friends on facebook at the time of creating the event and see just how powerful giving can be when large groups come together.

Chart for the Challenge for Giving

If you want – go to my FACEBOOK EVENT and sign up – I only want you to indicate you are attending IF you are really gonna give – NO FAKING okay! ha ha

Or you can check out the same info right here:

1) H.E.R. Shelter in Portsmouth, VA

2) Mercy Partners (Darfur Christian Mission)

3) Mid-Atlantic Christian University Athletics

Where Neal is new Head Coach of Men’s Basketball


Online Giving for all 3 (also instructions for old fashion way too)

1) H.E.R. Shelter – DONATION PAGE

2) Mercy Partners (Darfur Christian Mission) DONATION PAGE

3) Mid-Atlantic Christian University DONATION PAGE  – Online Giving button is in TOP RIGHT corner of home page OR there is a “Support MACU” over on the RIGHT SIDE of the page.  Click on those to give!

**** This online giving for MACU is to their MAIN FUND – so if you donate via the paypal page – make sure to add a note/memo if it let’s you, to say “MACU Men’s Basketball” so the funds will get earmarked.

Or you can drop an e-mail to Keith Wood @
Tell him you donated for “Men’s Basketball” and how much so they can keep track.

Check out my 3.5 min video explaining the 35th B-day Challenge!


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