Has it been a whole month??…

I could hardly believe my eyes when I got settled today and opened up the old blog to do a lil updating!

SERIOUSLY has it been an ENTIRE MONTH since my LAST POST??

That’s right June 26th was my last one and today is July 25th and WOW what a last month it has been.

It may just rank right up there as just about THE BEST MONTH EVER!!  As you can read in my LAST POSTI was just about to head out on an epic journey.  I was speaking for an entire week of camp that was bookended by preaching at 2 churches.  Well ironically enough I’ve just gotten back from working another week of camp (Sr. High week at Woodland Christian Camp outside of Atlanta, GA) where I spoke for 2 of the evening sessions and once again bookended the week of camp by preaching for 2 different church families.

Fortunately after I got back from the first trip on July 5th I had about 8 days before I rolled out again – so for those of you who enjoy some of the details here is a lil bit of the rundown.

June 26th preached in E City that morning – then left for Camp Rudolph in Yale, VA.  I worked there all week speaking for the evening sessions.  I left camp and headed to Chester, VA (near Richmond, VA) to spend the weekend with some good friends.  I also got the privilege of speaking for Chester Christian Church that Sunday, July 3rd.  Stayed a couple more days just visiting with friends in the area.

Drove back to E City on July 5th.  Stayed there doing work and catching up and writing new sermons for about 8 days.  Headed out-of-town on July 13th to Newport News, VA where I was catching a flight to the ATL.  My flight got delayed by about 2 hours due to storms and then maintenance issues.  BUT THE GOOD NEWS is that I was rewarded with a FREE ROUNDTRIP FLIGHT ANYWHERE AIRTRAN FLIES to be used anytime in the next year.  AIRTRAN ROCKS!!!!  They have great customer service.  So I didn’t get into the ATL till Midnight.  My brother-in-law picked me up and we got back to the house early that Thursday around 1 AM.

I stayed with my sister’s family over the weekend – caught up with some good friends from the ATL on that Friday night.  Then, on that Sunday, July 17th -I preached for the church I worked with down there for the last 2.5 years – LifeBridge Church.  I grabbed a quick lunch – packed up my stuff and headed to a week of Sr. High camp at Woodland Christian Camp.  I got to speak for 2 of the evening sessions, was a cabin group leader for some GREAT GUYS and also ran the “Field Day” activities on the final evening.  It was a tremendous week of camp full of great stories!  I Left camp around Noon on Friday, July 22nd and then caught a flight out of the ATL that evening, bound for Newport News.  Got back in – picked up my car and drove over to Chesapeake, VA.

I spent the night with a cousin I hadn’t seen in quite a while – finally caught up on some more e-mail and computer work.  On Saturday I went over to visit some friends and spent the night with them.  Then on Sunday AM, July 24th I got the chance to preach both AM services for Real Life Christian Church there in Chesapeake, VA.  After church I caught up with some good friends who I haven’t seen in a long time and have had a brand new baby boy.  We hung out that afternoon and then finally – just a lil weary – I headed back to E City.

I made it home around 7:15 PM and sort of just crashed for the evening.  And now after looking back and reading over the last 30 days or so I am not so shocked that it has been a WHOLE MONTH since my last update.  Crazy times but I am loving all the visiting, traveling, preaching, seeing old friends and making tons of new ones.

So for any of you who enjoy seeing where I am headed next or just where I’ve been or might like to be a part of these whirlwind travel experiences – check out my “Travel & Speaking Calendar” right here on this blog:


Go to my Facebook page “Passionately Speaking with Neal Alligood” and “LIKE” it so you can stay informed!

Whew – what a wild & wonderful month – thanks for all who have been such a huge help & encouragement & May God be Praised & Glorified through these events!


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  1. And now it’s been two and a half months. Though I can’t say anything as your last post is more recent than mine (unless posts for the church’s blog count). That is about to change. 🙂

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