Sinbad ain’t the only one been MIA!

That’s right people – it’s true I have been MIA, much like Sinbad from the Comedy scene in recent years!  His resurgence was so noticeable it evoked the title of his HILARIOUS return to the main stage performance in “Sinbad Where U Been?”

I was blown away to see that it has been about 6 months of “dead air” on my blog – now I was never so on-the-ball that I was knocking out a post a day but I did do a lot better till I hit the latter part of 2011.

Seriously I checked it out – I have posted ONE time in the last 191 days – that is 6+ months with only ONE update from me!

Leads me to ask the question – HOW THE HECK HAVE YOU ALL SURVIVED??  I mean months of digital darkness leading to depression for both of the people who follow me on here!

This probably all has led you to the question – just like was asked of Sinbad – “WHERE U BEEN?”

Well I figured there is no better way to kick off the new year than to play a lil game of catch up –





At the end of July I attended an AWESOME reunion from the local Elementary School I attended here in EC.  I went to grades Kindergarten through 7th before moving over to another school here in town.  Some of those people I had not seen in 20+ years it was crazy.  That same weekend, continuing on the nostalgia train, I began preaching a revival at my home church – Holly Neck Church of Christ in Roper, NC.  This is the small country church I attended from birth till I went to college.  My dad was the preacher there for 22 years!  It was wild getting the opportunity to return there and share with the fine folks of HNCC.

Speaking of speaking – I had the wonderful pleasure of doing my fair share of that over the last 6 months.  I spoke at 9 different places/events for a total of 17 messages.  This included Elizabeth City, South Mills, Roper, New Bern, Washington and Providence all in NC – as well as Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and Yale up in VA.  This kept me hopping and doing bunches of travel but I truly enjoyed it!

Kids playing knockout at Summer Camp

I also had the pleasure of helping to plan and present a 3 day summer camp for elementary children here in Elizabeth City.  This was put on by my wonderful Rehoboth Victory Christian Church family to minister to the kids of the community.  I helped run games and lead sessions on Peer Pressure and Bullying.  Speaking of Bullying, I’d like to tell ya about another WONDERFUL opportunity I was invited into that would help the youth of our community.  I was asked to be a part of a committee that helped execute a 1 day Conference-type event for local high school students.  Various local community leaders came together to produce a 5 hour event entitled “Building Functional Friendships” (get it?  you like the “BFF” idea for effect ha ha).  We invited 80 high school students from the 2 area high schools.  There were about 40 young ladies and 40 young gentlemen in attendance that day.  I worked alongside a good friend to do a workshop on Bullying.  I believe that it was received very well.  It was shocking and sobering to hear some of the very real life stories that these young men and women were facing.

As if these above items and engagements were not enough – I also had the pleasure of doing some more “personal” things.  I took a “delayed-all-expense-paid-trip” to Atlanta in September to see family and friends.  (post about this crazy story).  I began training for my first ever 5K run.  If you know me you know how much I detest, nay – LOATHE to run.  But it was for a great cause, to raise funds for the local school system.  I actually then completed my 5K event – hitting all my goals of – 1) Not dying – 2) Finishing in under 30 min – 3) Running the entire way.  I also had the chance to visit friends one weekend in the Wilmington, NC area and another weekend went to visit friends in the Charlotte, NC area.

I had the joyous experience of performing a wedding for a terrific couple of friends in the Raleigh area.  I got the chance to be a part of an 8-week small group study with some friends here in E City that challenged us to really work harder at rethinking & refocusing on the way we view the Church and the world around us.  To begin to see things more the way that God does, it was a good time to grow together and learn from each other.

Neal with kids from his class at Sheep Harney

Another one of the other major time factors for me over the last couple months has been my time volunteering at Sheep Harney Elementary School.  I head over there typically on Tuesday & Thursday mornings for a couple hours to work with a Kindergarten class.  We do everything from playing games, to reading stories, coloring, and working on math.  It has been an awesome experience just getting to know this class full of wild and crazy kids!  I also finally attended my first UNC Basketball game of the year with my cousin Tara just recently around Christmas.

Speaking of basketball – I’d be INSANE not to mention what was probably the LARGEST reason that I have been blog-world-MIA over the last few months.  Some of you may remember a couple of posts back in MAY and JUNE about me becoming the Head Men’s Basketball Coach for Mid-Atlantic Christian University.  So basically from about September until Christmas break things were moving at lightning speed overseeing all that comes with that role.  It’s been a wild & mostly wonderful ride.  I’d be lying if I said that there were not TONS of obstacles to climb and hurdles we have had to hop but I honestly believe that we are getting things on the right track.  You really should CHECK OUT OUR SCHEDULE and try to find a time to come “BACK THE HERD” and see the MACU Mustangs in action!  At the semester break we are a meager 4-10 overall but have a 3-1 conference record!  We have won 3 out of our last 5 games and are excited about the semester ahead.  We are also ecstatic about hosting the conference tournament at the end of the year right here on the campus of MACU the weekend of Feb. 16-18!

And then who in the world could forget one of the GIANT STORIES of the fall – HURRICANE IRENE and the way she battered Eastern NC.  You can even see some of my LIVE VIDEOS of “on the spot” reporting during Irene.  Which was most definitely “Weather Channel Worthy” I’m sure you would agree!

Okay people – WHEW – sort of made me tired just reading back over it all!  But now you have the 411 – we have answered the question of “Where U Been?” – I hope this helps everyone to rest more easily this evening!  I also hope to do better at staying more on track with 2012.

Hope you all had a great end to 2011 & are excited about the possibilities in store for this year to come!!!



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  1. my life in complete again.

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