My 411!

My name is Neal and I am in my FIRST year as the returning Head Men’s Basketball Coach for Mid-Atlantic Christian University.
I say first year as “returning” because I coached at my Alma Mater from 1998-2001 when it was called Roanoke Bible College.  After moving back to the Elizabeth City, NC area in February 2011 I was hired for the coaching position around May 2011.

I moved back to NC after a pretty eventful 2.5 years living in the Atlanta, GA area while participating in an Associate Ministry/Church Planting Residency position with LifeBridge Church.  LifeBridge was a new church work started by my brother-in-law back in 2004.  I moved to the Atlanta area in July of 2008 and worked there till January, 2011.

Before heading to Atlanta, I was the the lead campus minister with Campus Christian Fellowship at NC State University in Raleigh, NC for 7 years (2001-2008).

I was born and raised right near the campus of Roanoke Bible College – a small Bible College that was began with a desire to train men and women for career and volunteer service in the Kingdom of God.  Roanoke Bible College is now called Mid Atlantic Christian University.

My parents (Phil & Ora Jane), who are some pretty amazing people, have worked at RBC since the 1960’s (that is amazing in and of itself) – so as you can imagine that place holds a pretty important part of my life. I also worked there for about 4 years after I graduated in 1998. I was the Athletic Director (and coached men’s and women’s basketball – although not the best record ha ha), Youth Ministry Advisor, Oversaw the Field Education Department, and was a class sponsor for the Class of 2002 – OH YEAH!

I have a sister (Lisa) who is 2.5 years older than I am. She is married to Jeff and they have 2 daughters – my awesome nieces Madison and Macy.

So – back to me – I LOVE to preach. I also enjoy traveling (and if I can travel and preach that is even better!!!) I enjoy sports – nowadays it is mostly watching although I have grown up playing a little bit of everything – the 2 faves are volleyball and basketball.


One response to “My 411!

  1. greg

    I had totally forgotten about your field education director position. I’m sure you made the experience all that much better.
    You rock.

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