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ATL on God’s Dime!

Since I did such a horrible job of keeping up with my blog over the last six months (here’s the 411 about all that) I decided to go back and post about some things to took place or that I learned and would have wanted to share had I not been so LAME!

Did I ever tell you about the time I went to the ATL on God’s dime?? Continue reading



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It’s 6 PM do you know where your Zombie is?

Okay, Okay – so I realize that much has been made of the big MAY 21st, 2011 Doomsday Prophecy by Harold Camping and his crew from Family Radio.  Whether it was merciless mockery from nay-sayers or following the Continue reading


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Can you keep a secret?

Most of the time I truly enjoy SERVING God and the things of His Kingdom and much of the time I believe I do a good job OBEYING His precepts and keeping in line with His will. (Brief pause, deep sigh and gulp of uncertainty) – Are you SURE this will stay just between us?? Continue reading

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Seth Godin on Leadership!

I’ve been meaning to post this for quite some time now and have just been slack – but SLACK NO MORE PEOPLE!

I had a book called “Tribes” by Seth Godin on my READING LIST (go see what I’m reading) – didn’t take very long to plow through it and it was some really great stuff.  Seth does a tremendous job of thinking in new ways and challenging the status quo (he calls it being a Continue reading

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This past Sunday, Aaron, the teaching pastor on our staff, brought a very strong message as a “kickstart” to our new series called “Greater Than”.  You see, the launch of our new Church movement, called LifeBridge Church, will officially get rolling this coming Sunday 1/30/11, so this past week was sort of “practice” time for everyone involved to see how a normal Sunday morning service will run.  We had a wonderful time of Continue reading

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Sad Stinky Shopping

While recently reading a book, I came across a term that I’ve heard HUNDREDS of times, but had never inspected so closely before.  The term in question is Church Shopping.  For anyone who has ever been a part of a church (especially on a church staff) or has moved to a new area or come to a place in their life where maybe your faith went through a time of change and you decided to “get serious” about getting back into church – you have either HEARD or most definitely USED the term “Church Shopping”.

“yeah we are just sort of church shopping, just checking things out to see what we like”

I’m not really sure we even realize just how GROSS this terminology really is.  But maybe to help you grasp this picture better here is what struck me Continue reading

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The Boombox & Mini-fridge Gospel

If you’ve ever spent much time in ministry or worked in some sort of church office then I’m sure you’ve experienced the countless fliers, postcards, e-mail blasts proclaiming the “good news” of the next great conference or ministry retreat where you can find out just how amazing some new aspect of ministry or program is in reaching people for Jesus.  Now don’t take what I’m saying as a slight to the validity that some of these, and maybe MANY of these places, events, people really do have a project of great quality to share and discuss, but one thing I am pretty certain of – you HAVE NEVER RECEIVED anything telling you about the “Boombox & Mini-fridge Gospel”.

So in an effort to not disappoint you – I felt the need to share with you this random reality Continue reading


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