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Where did all the time go???

So yeah – March has truly been MADNESS no doubt – and I am not just making reference to the beloved “BIG DANCE”  –  GO HEELS!

My schedule has included a bit more travel and then playing catch up once I did return home, so that has led to a real shortfall in the number of posts in the recent weeks, but now I want to catch back up some.

So you got to see about my trip back to NC for the UNC v dook game & then hear all about the wild ride in my Camry coming back to GA.

This past weekend I got the AWESOME and truly HUMBLING opportunity to go back to my alma-mater – the artist soon to be formerly known as Roanoke Bible College – to speak for an alumni session of Gospel Rally.  It is always a great time with wonderful friends and family.  But it is also always a WHIRLWIND of activity.  So I definitely enjoyed it, but it is also nice to be back in GA and back to work.

This month I also had the grand opportunity to hit up the ACC Tourney here in the ATL – even though I had to watch my beloved Heels fall to FSU in the semi-finals it was still a great couple days.  I got to see 8 basketball games in a 48 hour period – EXCELLENT!

Also got the opportunity to preach here  @ C3 on March 15th, about a pretty exciting lil place called HEAVEN – you can check it out online here.

So basketball, travels, speaking, and even a lil volleyball in the mix – this has shaped up to be a pretty awesome month – too bad I slacked off on the bloggin’ but now I am getting back into full swing.

Oh yeah to top it all off – I ALSO FINISHED UP MY TAXES AND GOT EVERYTHING PAID & RETURNED already – so no more concerns about that – now just time to sit around till good ole Pres. Obama starts to send me my own personal bailout!!! ha ha ah

So that gets you “up-to-date” – now let’s keep this deal rolling!


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