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ATL on God’s Dime!

Since I did such a horrible job of keeping up with my blog over the last six months (here’s the 411 about all that) I decided to go back and post about some things to took place or that I learned and would have wanted to share had I not been so LAME!

Did I ever tell you about the time I went to the ATL on God’s dime?? Continue reading



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Has it been a whole month??…

I could hardly believe my eyes when I got settled today and opened up the old blog to do a lil updating!

SERIOUSLY has it been an ENTIRE MONTH since my LAST POST??

That’s right June 26th was my last one and today is July 25th and WOW what a last month it has been.

It may just rank right up there as just about THE BEST MONTH EVER!!  As you can read Continue reading

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I’m a leavin’ on a jet plane – headed back to E C again!

That’s right people as of about 9:05 PM I will be rolling outta the ATL on trust ole Airtran headed to Newport News, VA.

I’ve got some good friends in the area who are being gracious enough to pick me up tonight at the airport and then let me crash on their couch. ¬†Tomorrow morning I’m riding with my buddy Chris (who I went to college with but for some reason have continued to look MUCH YOUNGER and be WAY COOLER that he is) down to good ole E City, NC.

I’ll be in town on Continue reading

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