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ATL on God’s Dime!

Since I did such a horrible job of keeping up with my blog over the last six months (here’s the 411 about all that) I decided to go back and post about some things to took place or that I learned and would have wanted to share had I not been so LAME!

Did I ever tell you about the time I went to the ATL on God’s dime?? Continue reading



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Good things man….

so I don’t have time to go into a FULL ACCOUNT right now but some REALLY good things are happening for me. ¬†God has started “nudging” me to consider some future things, I have started making some more definite plans for the coming months, and then TODAY God opened the HUGE FLOODGATES of some financial support.

I can’t go into too great a detail on the finances but let me just say that even as much as I am CERTAIN that I fully rely on God for meeting my needs – HE NEVER CEASES to AMAZE ME in the goodness that would be His rich & bountiful blessings!

So let me PRAISE GOD for this awesome thing but also let me say a HUGE THANKS to my many supporters who so graciously and sacrificially give and are used by GOD to encourage me so I am able to minister in the “unconventional” ways that I am able to.

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