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Her name isn’t APRIL…


and I may be a FOOL, but this last week has been NO JOKE! Continue reading



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I’m a ramblin’ man….

That’s right people – being totally inspired by Waylon Jennings – this week, most definitely, “I’m a ramblin’ man”!

This afternoon I’m jumping in the  Old Camry – whoops – I mean sporty new Jeep!!! (moment of silence for the first real road trip since the retirement of the camry…………..) Continue reading

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Gotta get moving…

So we got back from an AWESOME week in Orland @ Exponential Conference.

Now I am getting ready to roll out once again – this time will be my longest travel engagement in quite some time.

I leave Friday 4/30 for a few different and truly exciting events. Continue reading

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17) Pine for Wine – John 2:1-11

Join me as I take a walk through the pages of Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John, (aka the “Gospels”) in a Chronological Order and try to grow closer to, and learn more about Jesus.  Feel free to go back and read the INTRO ABOUT THIS SERIES to understand where all this came from for me.

Today we jump into an EXTREMELY important and rather intriguing episode in the life of Jesus.  This is found in John 2:1-11.  It is an episode that I have already, to some extent blogged and talked about.  This is the passage that I shared about back in August upon a visit to MACU.

Since I’ve already written about it & spoke on it in chapel (The online audio you can find on the earlier blog post).  I won’t go into as much detail here.

Basically we see that Jesus & his mom & his disciples were all the kind of people you would want at a party.  Here they were attending a wedding – you know just hanging out – enjoying this wonderful and exciting time of celebration with family and friends.  So Jesus wasn’t some “stuff shirt/robe” religious freak.  He was someone that people would want at the party.

I also got from this story that when trouble arose in a situation – for whatever reason – it was Jesus that people would turn to.  You see Jesus had NOT YET PERFORMED any miracles at this point in his life (see vs. 11).  So there was no real specific reason to believe that Jesus was going to do something miraculous.  So what this tells me is that He had at least proven that He was reliable and was also caring enough to be someone that would do all that He could do to help in a crisis situation.

I also really like that Mary – even though Jesus was sort of hesitant to do something miraculous and thus “let people in on His secret” – she knew that Jesus would do SOMETHING.  Thus the reason after asking Jesus to help and Him sort of asking why would she involve Him – Mary simply turned to the servants and said: “Do whatever he tells you.” I wish we could all have that same faith in what Jesus has in store for our lives – no telling what might would happen!

Then Jesus busts out a miracle – that gets the bridegroom’s family out of hot water due to not having enough wine for everyone. (to know why that matters – check this out) So from the earliest days we see that Jesus was willing to do miraculous things to get people out of trouble – which culminated with what He would do on the cross and through the empty tomb – to get each and every one of us out of the trouble we are in due to sin.

I love how this passage finishes out – in verse 11 it simply closes with this short but POWERFUL phrase:  “He thus revealed his glory, and his disciples put their faith in him.” –  Through this event at the wedding in Cana – it was much more than simply about some people needing wine so they would avoid ridicule – it truly was about a people needing a Savior that would allow them (and us) to avoid a Christ-less eternity!

May His glory CONTINUE to be revealed and may those who are willing to be His disciples – truly put our faith in Him!

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Friday, August 4th, 1967

What’s the big deal about that day?  You may be asking!

Well on that day Roger Clemens turned 5 years old, our now President Barack Obama turned 6, and Jazz Legend Louis Armstrong turned 66 – but something even more important for my life took place.  That was the day that Philip Neal Alligood and Ora Jane Scruggs got married and then some 9 years later would bring about one of the greatest gifts this world has ever seen –  THAT’S RIGHT – ME!!!!

So in honor of my mom & dad’s 42nd anniversary – I put together a video about 42 Things that I remember about them or lessons learned.  Some of the items may be the same from the Mother’s Day video and Father’s Day video I did for them this year, but most of it is new material.  I will warn you – this one is about 30 min long – but I think has some pretty cool memories.

So HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM & DAD – with Love from ME!!!

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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles…

Okay so there won’t be any trains (or at least no plans for any yet) but I will be taking a plane & then an automobile on a lil journey this weekend.

I am rolling out early in the AM to catch a flight outta the ATL to the RDU – this will be my first time flying “stand-by” so we will see how this works out.  Hopefully I’ll get in sometime during the afternoon.  Then when a friend gets off work we are loading up his ride and heading North.  A good friend and a former student of mine @ NC State that was a leader in our Campus Ministry is getting married in New York.  So we are heading out sometime tomorrow evening to head to Richmond, VA to spend the night with some friends and cut down some of our trip on Friday.

Friday AM we will head out on the approx. 8 hour drive to Liverpool, NY where the wedding will be taking place.  Always pumped to get to visit somewhere that I’ve never been before.  Not to mention I get the great opportunity to see some great friends I haven’t seen in a while!

Then we will pull the long drive back on Sunday and I’ll hang in Raleigh that night to turn around and catch a flight out on Monday sometime to get back to Atlanta.  I’m sure it will all be a whirlwind, but good times will certainly be had by all.  I’m also sure I’ll have some sort of crazy stories to share with ya when I get back – or maybe if you’re lucky (ooo I don’t like that word – let’s say fortunate) I’ll send ya some “mobile blog love” while I’m on the road!

So here’s to everyone enjoying their wonderful 4th of July weekend – Congrats Chris & Beth on the big Wedding Day and best wishes to them and the Hall & Evans’ families!  I am looking forward to seeing awesome things from this young couple in the years to come!

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My Thinkin’ on Drinkin’ ….

So I was back in good ole NC this weekend for a wedding.  I had the wonderful pleasure of performing a wedding ceremony for 2 great friends from my home church back in NC.  Some of the events & discussions I had over the weekend is what has led me to share my thoughts with you all right now.

First let me say that this is NOT intended to be an in depth “theological” discussion or debate about what the Bible says on drinking alcohol or to be something to condemn or condone what it is that you do or where you stand.  It is simply me sharing some thoughts and observations that I made during this time.

The reception was held at a place where alcohol was being served, and I am okay with that (might not choose it for myself, but okay with being there).  I am also okay with being in the presence of alcohol in a lot of settings (contrary to what many may believe ha ha).  I was approached by some people that I did not know and we talked a little while (they knew me as “the preacher” since I had performed the wedding).  Eventually the question came up as to whether or not I would partake in the alcoholic consumption (to be direct they wanted to know if the preacher would do “shots” with them – this was sort of a humorous picture to me).

I told them that I had chosen for myself to not drink, but that I was not judging them, in fact I would love to hang out with them even while they drank as long as they didn’t mind me only having water, and that is exactly what happened.  This is where I got to do some real thinking (not actually at that moment but now since I have reflected back upon the event).  Now we could talk for hours upon what the Bible says, and I know that MANY people have MANY opinions (some of them quite rude and unbiblical) about what God has to say.  Let me share with you a quick overview of my take.  

Does the Bible say “DO NOT DRINK IT IS A SIN” – well No it does not.  If you take a look at Ephesians chapter 5 it does speak of “not getting drunk on wine which leads to debauchery” in vs. 18.  The whole chapter begins with a discussion on being imitators of Christ and what that does & does not look like.  The Bible also speaks of drinking wine at certain events, of course there is a whole discussion to be had about the fact that the water was not necessarily drinkable in that time, in that area, that there were not NEARLY the options of other types of drink which we have today.  There is also good discussion to be had about the difference in level of “power” of the alcohol in those wines as opposed to what we have today and the list goes on and on.  Some will bring up the discussion where Paul said to Timothy in 1 Timonth 5:23 – for Timothy to stop drinking only water but take some wine due to some stomach issues.

So all in all it seems to me that the Bible DOES speak clearly about not being a drunkard, about not letting ourselves be out of control (which can happen a lot with alcohol – just check out most wedding receptions where alcohol is served and you will get the picture) – but it DOES NOT speak adamantly against ever having a drink.  This is the battle in which I find myself, because even though it does not forbid it – I find myself – whether due to strict upbringing, environment & culture, or simply a firm belief in the dangers – at a point at which I do not desire to partake – and I believe that is COMPLETELY OKAY.  Just as okay as I believe it is for someone that has decided that for them – to have an occasional drink, where they do not get drunk and in which they are NOT a stumbling block to someone else to get drunk – is okay.

The whole discussion on stumbling block (please see I Corinthians 10 – esp. vs. 14-33) is sometimes a tricky one with a fine line between someone just trying to force others into their mold of a “good Christian” and the other extreme where people just want to live however they choose and not desiring to benefit their fellow brothers and sisters, but instead actually taking a chance on damaging them and their walk with Christ.  So that would be an entirely different discussion to have and covers more than simply alcohol.

Okay so enough running off track – back to what is “My Thinkin’ on Drinkin” – as for me, I think that it may be permissable (as long as it is not getting drunk, or losing my self-control, and leading to debauchery – all bad stuff) but I do not believe and cannot be shown for my own situation as to how it can be BENEFICIAL.  I can still go to parties, still hang out with my friends, still do SO MUCH STUFF and yet not have a drink.  So that is where I stand.

So I wonder – do people think that I have not given it much thought and it is just more simple to say “OH NO I NEVER DRINK” – and that I use it to look down from my high horse of holiness???  Could it be that I simply choose not to drink and the matter is settled and I don’t really think much more about it and it doesn’t cause me to judge others?

So I wondered – do other people JUDGE ME for not drinking?  Do they sit and project assumptions on me because of my desire to not have alcohol, and is that even fair?  Should I even care (um no & don’t worry I don’t ha ha) – but then I wondered if my choosing to not drink would be seen differently under other circumstances.  Consider the following options:

1) What if I don’t drink cause I am a minister and it probably could be a sticky issue so it is just better for me not to do so – almost the side of feeling like I HAVE to not drink or am FORCED into that decision?

2) What if I was not a minister, and just simply decided not to drink, would I be held in higher esteem because it was a “noble” decision to not go along with the crowd?

3) What if I – whether being a minister or not – said that I had witnessed close family & friends that struggled with the demons of alcohol and had seen the vast damage it has done to so many lives, and for that simple fact I choose not to drink?

4) What if I told people that I was actually a recovering alcoholic – that I would struggle with it the rest of my life and for that simple reason I choose not and absolutely cannot have anything to do with it?

Of all 4 of those scenarios the end result is the same – I choose not to drink or consume alcohol in any form and yet I am sure each one would be “received” differently from the people around me.  Is that fair?  Well as my parents always said growing up – “life ain’t always fair” – but it did cause me to think a lot about our perceptions of people and how the same end result or decision can be seen and judged VASTLY differently by people.  So it just brings me back to the fact that I cannot change people’s perception of me, and to some extent their perception of me is their reality about me, so I just have to keep choosing to live and believe and decide things based on my best understanding of God’s will for my life, and then not put too much stock in what others think.

So that is my humble “thinkin’ on drinkin” – got any thoughts you would like to share?


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