Hey Everyone – so here is where I will continue the idea of “WHAT IF?” that I talked about in my post on September 4, 2008.  I want to hear your own thoughts – follow-ups – dreams – etc.  I will also post my own “replies” as sort of additional posts to this page instead of starting a new blog.

So please be as interactive as possible on here.  This is a place to just get out your thoughts – let’s not make it a place to bash or demean someone else’s dream – only encouraging & challenging comments/replies:


5 responses to “WHAT IF?……

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  2. So this thought is brought on by the story found in Daniel 1:3-18. Daniel and some of the other guys chose to only eat & drink what God had set forth for them instead of what the King had ordered them to. Now first they didn’t make a big display or protest or cause a stir. They simply asked – then gave a solution of a 10 day “test”. They were rewarded by God and then by the officer in charge and eventually the kind for their faithfulness and integrity. They stood firm in the small things which eventually led to them standing firm in the larger things – such as facing the Lion’s Den and the Fiery Furnace.
    My thought is “WHAT IF” we were willing to be obedient to God, even in the smallest things such as our diet, “WHAT IF” we were obedient to what He has asked of us even if it seems pointless in our own mind or that it may cause us to be singled out for ridicule or even punishment.
    “WHAT IF?” – well maybe we would be rewarded with being in better condition to stand up to what we are called to do or be, maybe we would have an increase in wisdom and discernment, maybe we would make an impact FAR BEYOND our own lil world or circle of influence. All in all to bring the HONOR and GLORY to GOD!
    “WHAT IF” – well we will never really know if we don’t first take time to figure out the small things to start being obedient and diligent in.
    I am not saying this is a “sure-fire” way to get ahead and to get reward – I am just asking – Isn’t it interesting what they were able to do. All because they started by giving even something as simple as devoting their diet to God???????????????

  3. Neil, I totally agree with you about the wonderful examples of obedience that God’s Word gives us. The one that comes to mind for me is Joshua’s obedience marching around Jericho. I mean, God gave him this as a battle plan! The faith and obedience that this required from Joshua is just huge to me. He trusted God enough to not only march around the city himself, but to get the whole nation of Israel to follow him. That’s the kind of obedience that I look to have in my relationship with God. An obedience that follows God’s leading in everything, even the simple things, because I never know how God wants to use me in a situation.

  4. Chatty

    hallelujah! That is a very good question… rock/change your world kinda question.

  5. Chatty

    so, i’m in the middle of a pretty serious conversation that has made my spirit a little uneasy and this is the question that came up and I thought of you friend. What if we truly believed that there wasn’t a science or a method to people falling madly in love with Christ? What if we simply believed that He was enough of a program/pitch/propaganda/agenda on his own?

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