Why Shaky Hands???

I HAVE NO IDEA! ha ha ha

So for those that don’t know – what in the world is the matter with you – YES I KNOW THAT MY HANDS TREMBLE ALL THE TIME (and for those who are not the brightest – I have no idea if it does it while I am sleeping – – – HELLO I AM ASLEEP SO I WOULDN’T KNOW! ha ha ha)

This hand tremor thing has been happening my whole life and I have no good reason for it. My mom does it as well and she said it has been happening since she was younger too. YES I have been to the doctor and NO they did not really tell me anything – so I just live with it and love it (well not really but might as well have some fun!)

So I figured since that is how so many people identify me (shaky, shaky hands man, sir-shakes-a-lot, etc. etc.) I might as well title this blog that – and I kind of like the idea of Serving HIM with my Shaky Hands! So this page will be dedicated to the stuff I hear people say that may be humorous about my hands. People ask if it bothers me – and I guess it doesn’t really and I even enjoy the creative comments – but lame stuff drives me nuts – so if you are going to make a comment at least make it a good one!

The typical deal is anyone in a restaurant saying “oooo looks like someone has had too much coffee OR needs some coffee OR needs some sugar OR has had too much sugar” so let’s just get that one out of the way – typically I respond – “oh no it isn’t that it is a disease I have had since birth” ha ha ha ha you should see the reactions I get on that – after they finish stammering and stuttering they try and follow it up with a comforting statement like “uh oh yeah – um yeah my grandmother shakes too” – HEY GENIUS – thanks for comparing me to an 85 year old woman! SWEEEEEEET ha ha ha ha ha

So anyway – keep check here, now that you have heard the story that started it all – to see what people in all their infinite wit and wisdom have to say to me about my SHAKY HANDS!

Let the good times begin………..


30 responses to “Why Shaky Hands???

  1. Mello

    well, if you were born in the 60’s, then you’re definitely not 85…since i know when you really were born.

    but. if you were born in the 60’s, then that doesnt even make you all that old anyway… so, i’ll stop making fun of you for it.

    what would you do if i sang out of tune..??


  2. I just figured that you were Pentecostal.

  3. Ry

    Hey I found this by browsing the net. I also have the shaky hands, as does my brother and my mother. My brother’s is the most obvious, and mine has gotten worse slowly over time. I’ve heard it’s starting to become a diagnosed condition that has to do with a genetic nervous system disorder/disease and they actually have a medicine for it now, but I still don’t know much more than that. I’ve also gone through all the comments, the most obvious being WHY ARE YOU SO NERVOUS? I have been trying to research it online and this is the closest I have come to it. Anyway, just thought I would share that. πŸ™‚

    • Ricardo

      Hey do you know what that medicine is called? Cuz I’m 16 and I also shake for no reason and I want it to stop.. Whenever I sign something my signature comes out so shaky. Partly cuz I’m left handed so it messes up on computers but still.. Email me at thederpeffect(at)gmail(dot)com

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  5. vs

    hey! i m 20 yrs old nd i have had the same problem since i was born(well i dont know if its a problem or not)…..my father nd my grandpa also have shaky hands…so does my brother .i think its somethin ur born with nd there is no cure.But ive found that sometimes dont concentrate on my hands ,they kind of seem stable but when im anxious or scared it becomes worse.i cant even hold things properly at times nd probably drop stuff once in a while.my mother tried few homeopathy meds on me but they didnt work.so i think it kinda runs in ur blood ,so i think there is no point to be ashamed .

    • Hey – thanks for the thoughts & sharing the common bond ha ha ha
      Yeah no worries about being ashamed – instead I use it as my “calling card” ha ha ha – most the time I don’t think about it until someone asks me. They typically notice when I am either preaching/speaking in front of a group or when I’m eating. Whenever I have to hold something up that is trembling. But it’s all good – hasn’t affected my life so no big deal. Thanks for leaving some feedback!

  6. LISA

    I’m sitting here at the computer, and decided to do a search on the only main issue I’ve ever really had, Shaky Hands. It’s nice to see others share a common bond. Lucky us ha! My hands have been shaky since I can remember. I’ve heard the ,”Honey you don’t have to be so nervous” or “Are you ok? This is the best one, a old boss of mine which turned into a very good friend, asked me if I had DT’s after she hired me. I didn’t know what in the world that was so I had to ask her, and quickly replied absolutley not. Sometimes I don’t notice it. However, I knew enough to never get into the nursing profession ( could you imagine coming at someone with a needle?) I could never be a surgeon, or vet ( love animals) but would have a terrible time giving a shot… and forget being a waitress and serving coffee. So I’ve settle for a Realtor… And explain to all my clients upfront, I shake, I’m not nervous and don’t know why, but have done it all my life (I’m 42).
    Great to see others out there…. πŸ™‚

  7. OMG! I’ve had the same problem since birth; my grandmother, my dad and his sisters also have it. At one point after watching a movie called “Love and other Drugs” i started thinking it might be Parkinson’s disease, but i had to research Parkinson’s and it turns out it had nothing to do with me. My doctors said nothing is wrong with me, i even get super scared to go on dates because I’m afraid i would scare the living BEJESUS out of my date (and i turn 23 this march)…ANYWAYS, I’m glad that i stumbled upon this blog (I’m not alone THANK GOD >_<)

  8. Richard

    I have this as well since i was born 1977, never thought to look online for other people that have this condition, if i try hard sometime can control it.

    I always thought it was just NERVOUS ENERGY trying to escape, because is hard for me to sit still, I hate shopping and giving money I am paranoid people notice it πŸ™‚

    My name rick in txt recognition on phone, come up with shaky. very funny πŸ™‚

  9. Robert


    Don’t feel like you’re alone I’ve had this since I was a teeenager and that was a lot of years ago. If that’s all people have to worry about they need to get a life.


  10. Rachel

    I have the same problem. Im only 18 and ever since I can remember I’ve had shaky hands. My left hand is worse than my right to the point where Im afraid to carry food or a drink in that hand in case it spills everywhere (wouldnt be the first time). And taking pictures is hard without blurring the pictures and I love taking pictures so its super annoying. I’ve been asked many times why I shake and I always assumed it was just nerves. Glad to know there might be a reason and a possible solution πŸ™‚

  11. Sylvia

    I know you have heard it all so I won’t even go there…..so this is just for your information….
    I just sent a letter to a doctor in Charlottesville Va. …He has volunteers to be a part of a clinical trial for a cure for people with tremors (I am trying to get my dad enrolled in the trials). It is a procedure that is done with a MRI machine which focuses on the portion of the brain that causes the tremors….it is done with laser’s and involves not cutting….it has been proven to cure the tremors on several people participating in the trials…if you want more info e-mail me….

  12. Danny

    I have shaky hands as long as I can remember but no one in my family does … and it’s not just that my entire body shakes well its not noticable but some times when I’m trying to relax and meditate it is which is realy annoying me -.- I’m 17 now and I do martial arts… in whin chun you need to be soft but with this problem I just can’t ! it’s like my body doesn’t want to obey and relax even if I try to concentrate I can’t make it stop … I wouldn’t be abel to defend my self if I’d be attacked cuz the shaking get realy strong becouse of the adrenaline and I feel so weak 😦 for a martial artist it’s a sahem if he/ she can’t defend his/her self … I am good at martial art in a competition I don’t get that feeling so I fight without that problem but thats becouse I know thats just a competition :/ I started to think that I can’t do martial arts and that makes me depresive or I just get mad at everyone and then I rage 😑 -__- I’m sorry if my english is bad Im from slovenia and writing in english is not that easy as talking so plz understand -__-

      • Wil

        I have the same thing going on. From the sounds of it, it tends to be associated with more “nervous” or “paranoid” types of people. I think we are just over anylising it, it comes with the territory of our personas it seems. Doesn’t seem to be anything extroardinary, alot of us have it from birth. I wouldnt let it both you guys too much unless it becomes overly disruptive.

  13. Yeah I always joked I will never be a doctor with hands like these. ALways since I could remember did I have shaky hands. No rhyme reason or explination. I am adopted so I have no clue on if my biological blood always shows signs. I was always very self concious about it, and as a photographer it sucks trying to keep the camera still. Forget about using my iphone for a steady shot. sometimes I can feel it up my shoulders and from my core or legs but mostly it shows signs in the hands. Born in the late 70’s so as I get older ive noticed at times it gets worse but it would be more of my paranoia. It’s gotta be a glitch in the nervous system right?

  14. Nicky Halliwell

    Me too. Always wanted to be a nurse but realised that patient would probably end up needing another nurse after me! I have had a hand tremor all my life too. Strangely both my Dad and Mother have hand tremors, my Dad’s is far worse though so I guess I inherited his wobbly gene, I passed it onto my daughter too, who was nicknamed ‘Shaky Jake’ as a school child. I never notice it until someone points it out, and then tell them no I’m not cold…not nervous etc.. I dont mind it, but dont like having to explain it to others. Its definitely some kind of impairment of the neuro transmitters in the brain though I think.

  15. Christina

    I have the same thing, and frankly it gets very annoying when people ask you if something is wrong, tells me not to be so nervous. I have learned that I am who I am, I don’t have it bad but it can me noticed. I shake when I take pictures, or if I concentrate to hard on something, I can’t use my left hand much at all, but I have adjusted well. I was born in 69, not sure what that has to do with… I have had this since I was little, my nickname was “the big spiller” (joy,joy) my dentist tells me to see the doctor, and the doctor thinks its anxiety. I think it is something genetic. I wish everyone well, and know you are not alone, but advance medicine can’t figure this one out.
    Take Care,

  16. Reshubh

    Hey, I have same problem, actually its with every male members in my family. But I don’t think there is anything to be ashamed of, no one is perfect and we should be thankful to God for this beautiful life. Let me tell you despite of these tremors I am a pretty good marksmen(of course I sometimes can not keep my tea cup still), its all about training yourself.
    Enjoy Life!

  17. Julian

    Wow.. I am not a lonely one being Shaky all the times πŸ™‚
    I think this got to do with family heredity?? My dad do have shaky hands too.. and I know my hands have been shaky since young. Whenever I am getting nervous, hungry I will shake more intense and people will start see and ask me what’s wrong. Hate it but anyway, just live with it and be happy with my imperfection. Hope this wont pass down to my child.

  18. doug

    I am 60 yrs old andI have had shaky hands all my life. Two of my sons and my daughter are the same. My left is the most visible when it comes to being shaky. I an an instructor and even though standing in front of large groups does not make me nervous my hand will still shake. My family doctor believes it is due to stress.

  19. grace

    it feels good to know im not alone in this..i noticed this in high school when i had to the chemistry practicals and my hands went all shaky,i didnt take it as a big deal because i calmed down later..but its beginning to worry me so much. because im currently a dental student in my third year…next year i will start my clinicals and im really worried that i might shake and be embarrased…so many times this shaky hands has prevented me from doing things even when i know i could do them…i am 23 years old and i have seen my grandpa shake too when i was younger…really looking forward to a solution….

  20. Josh

    Hi my name is Josh, im only 16, and i have the same story as you all, shakey hands, without a diagnosis. I have been doing research to the max on this, and i came up with a few results (if you have come across these same results before, then i guess were all still stuck but i suggest you look up the following disorders (keep in mind that i was focussing on diseases that are mainly genetic as well),
    Essential Tremor
    Huntington’s Disease
    Wilson’s Disease
    and this is a wild idea but still possible: MS

  21. Josh

    also propanolol is a medicine that is said to help “still” you if you have shakey hands, so I suggest looking into that.

  22. hii guys..
    I also have same problem..
    During my school&college days I was teased by many people due to my shaky hands 😦
    Many thought I am nervous..really am not..
    These days I manage somehow..
    am working as a tuition teacher now,when i write students identify my shaky hands..
    am 24 now.. i cant serve any one…
    during parties i just become passive,nothing 2 do more..
    I think i also have a mild shivery voice..
    Because of shaky nature,all are scared to teach me driving…
    also i dnt fail any of my family member with shaky hands…
    If u can share your views,juss contact me
    mail: kingofthana@gmail.com
    looking for some good fellow πŸ™‚

  23. Josh

    Hey guys I am the same Josh that commented on this before.
    I just wanted to say that this may not be the same for everyone, but it is quite likely that i found the cause of these shaky hands.
    evenn though it is often genetic, Essential tremors (aka: benign tremors, or familiar tremors) are almost surely the cause)
    if the shaking hand worsen when holding something or when doing something, and if the use of alcohol or MDMA stills the hand, it it almost surely Essential tremors.
    But be forewarned, i started propranolol, which helped with my shaky hands, but i began having side effects from it, like the occational rash, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, shortness of breath, tightness in chest when heart rate is sufficiently increased, and when doing something that would increase the blood flow i would sometimes see colour hallucinations in the corners of my eyes, therefore my recommendation is either drink a bit, or find a safer medication if there is one, or cope with the shaky hands cause Propranolol (aka beta blockers) seem to be a little dangerous.

    deconstructed by a 16 year old.
    i hope this helped, if someone needs some websites to verify the information that ihave given you if you have any doubts in my facts or intelligence just leave a comment asking i guess and i will find them for you and post them, thanks!
    good luck everyone.
    hope this helped

  24. My hand shakes to I am 18 and I am afraid…. 😦

  25. Jessica People

    my hands shake since i was born and im now 16 years old , its really annoying sometimes , people sometimes say to me theres no need to be nervous but im not my hands just continously shake

  26. kristine

    My mom and I both have had the same thing since she was born and me too and now I’ve had my daughter( she’s 2) I’ve noticed shes does it too!! I would love to find out what causes this

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