Divorce Billboards – 60-60 Day 17

Okay so I have not been doing extremely well keeping up with bloggin’ my thoughts/experiences with my 60-60 challenge.  That is also probably a microcosm of the whole experience for me right now.  I have definitely gotten off track some – not that I am not hearing the beeps – I am more like not “listening” to them as much – they have somewhat become just another “part of my day” at times.  Sometimes I totally lock in and settle and it is a wonderful thing (duh how obvious) and other times I just sort of move on and think “oh yeah that was my beep – I am so good for trying this”  –  LAME!

Then there are other times where I am even doing something I know that I should not, or have much better stuff to be doing and still choose to stay where I am and this to me is even worse.  Sometimes I even feel bad about posting some of the positive things I am learning cause it makes me realize that I am leaving off some of the negative things I am finding out or that I KNOW I shouldn’t have done.  To be real honest I am just not “there yet” to post those sorts of things – yeah I know that may be bad, but that is where I am right now – but that gets me back to feeling like I may be “covering up” by sharing the good.  So I just ask that you forgive me and bear with me while I do share the good and keep working on the negative.

So today one of my first beeps was as I was driving into the office – within a few moments I got to a place on I-75 where there are a couple of billboards that are within a mile or two of one another about how to find a cheap – easy – no contest divorce.  I think it is for like $499, and seeing these make me shutter.  I won’t go into a big discussion on divorce here – I will say that as much as God is saddened when it happens it is MOST DEFINITELY not the “unforgivable” sin and God can love anyone and restore them through this.  Okay enough about that.

So as I was driving and the beep went off and I was thinking about those signs it made my heart ache for people that I know are struggling in tough relationships, it also made me think of the many weddings I have been a part of.  In my time in ministry I have performed 7 weddings and I have also had the opportunity to be actually “in” another 12 or 13 (always the groomsman and never the groom – how about my own movie 27 tux’s ha ha ha).  Anyway so it made me start to think about how in all of these situations I was close enough to these people for them to ask me to play a role and how much VALUE I should put on that responsibility to always being there to help them through those rough times “for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health – till DEATH do the part”.

So right there I started to pray for Kevin & Renee, CJ & Veronica, Phelps & Amy, Adam & Megan, Morris & Shannon, Josh & Jess, Pat & Rachael – along with so many others that I have been a part of or whom I know are struggling in a relationship right now.  I know that God is able – MORE THAN ABLE to do all we can ask or imagine of Him and He so desires for each of these couples and for the people that you know to NEVER EVER have to drive down the road and take down a number off a billboard to end another marriage.

Won’t you take a moment right now and pray for some couples you know – whether they be in tough times or not (satan is always prowling like a hungry lion seeking who he may devour – he sometimes will attack those couples that we least suspect) – or maybe stop and take a moment to engage in a time of prayer for your own marriage – take the challenge that my friend Laura lays out on her blog!

Whom do you know that needs to be lifted up right now?  Won’t you take a moment – beep or no beep!



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2 responses to “Divorce Billboards – 60-60 Day 17

  1. Megan

    Nice to know you’re praying for us. We appreciate it.

  2. V

    Thanks for the prayers. Even when things are good we always need them.

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